Riverside City College

ACM Club

The largest computer science community at RCC

The ACM club is formed by an incredible community of people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Being in the club opened me up to working with so many great people and a ton of opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise had. You'll be sure to get to see all the skills and knowledge that RCC's computer science students have to offer.

What is ACM

  • ACM (Assocation for Computing Machinery) is the biggest general computer science club at RCC
  • Currently we have four sections that members can choose to take part in
    • Competitive programming
    • Unreal Engine Game Development
    • Unity Development
    • We are looking to expand into other areas soon as well
  • We are accepting members of all skill levels and computer science related interests, no membership fees

Competitive Programming

  • Practice programming concepts and common computer science questions in preparation for an annual international programming contest
  • Improve algorithm knowledge and programming techniques
  • Prepare yourself for technical interviews and upper division computer science classes
  • Advance your programming knowledge and make your coding classes at RCC easy

Unreal Engine Development

  • The Unreal workshops are dedicated to learning about the Unreal Engine Editor and other modeling tools associated in order to develop games in C++ or create advanced realistic 3D models
  • In the workshop the following topics will be explored
    • 3D Modeling and Animation
    • Programming Blueprints / Objects in C++
    • The Unreal Engine 4 Editor
    • Game Design Workflow


  • Design games, but not with c++
  • In progress